At Clean Earth Pantry we offer over 60 unpackaged and plastic-free whole foods and liquid refills. These include; pasta, grains, pulses, herbs and spices, fruit and nuts, and baking products. Along with refills for household products such as; laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, shampoo and conditioner, toilet cleaner and hand wash. 


Alongside our unpackaged and refill products we stock a selection of sustainable and reusable household items to help you reduce your use of single-use plastic and start living a zero waste life. These items include; recycled foil and kitchen roll, bees wax wraps and reusable sandwich wraps,  sustainable bamboo adult toothbrushes and biodegradable children toothbrushes, canvas bags and cotton produce bags, reusable cups and water bottles, mooncups and shampoo bars, along with many other items coming into stock each month.

We've spent a lot of time researching all the different non-food items we sell to find innovative ways to continue to use the things we rely on on a day to day basis. The companies we've teamed up with to bring you these products are like-minded and we feel proud to be selling their inventions, we hope you enjoy finding new ways to do the same things, differently!



If there are any additional products you'd like us to stock please do contact us.



Chickpeas   O, V   0.46/100g

Green Lentils    O, V    0.53/100g

Red kidney beans    O, V    0.39/100g

Red Lentils    O, V    0.43/100g


British quinoa (white)    O, V    0.79/100g

Brown long grain rice    O, V    0.39/100g

Gluten-free Jumbo Oat flakes VG, GF 0.41/100g

Jumbo Oat flakes VG 0.28/100g

White basmati    O, V    0.44/100g

White fusilli pasta    O    0.39/100g

White penne pasta    O    0.39/100g

Wholemeal cous cous    O, V    0.39/100g

Wholewheat pasta penne    O    0.39/100g


Almonds    O, V, N   1.99/100g

Cashew pieces    O, V, N    2.33/100g

Ground Almonds    V, N    1.29/100g ***NEW***

Pecan    V, N   2.99/100g

Pistachio (roasted and salted) O, V, GF, N 3.39/100g

Walnut halves    O, V    1.99/100g


Chia seeds    O, V    1.59/100g

Omega four seed mix    O, V    0.69/100g

Pumpkin Seeds (AA grade)    O, V    0.75/100g

Sunflower seeds    O, V    0.49/100g


Banana chips    O, V    0.89/100g

Date select    O, V    0.79/100g

Figs    O, V    1.29/100g

Mango cheeks    O, V    1.99/100g

Raisins    O, V    0.84/100g

Whole apricots    O, V    1.49/100g


Bay leaves    V    0.99/10g

Mixed herbs    O, V    0.99/10g

Oregano    O, V   0.99/10g

Parsley    O, V   0.99/10g

Rosemary    O, V   0.49/10g

Thyme V 0.59/10g


Black peppercorns    O, V    0.45/10g

Curry powder (hot)    O, VG    0.39/10g

Ground chilli    V    0.25/10g

Ground cinnamon    O, V    0.61/10g

Ground coriander    V    0.39/10g

Ground cumin    V    0.39/10g

Ground nutmeg    V    0.54/10g

Paprika    V    0.39/10g

Turmeric O, V 0.24/10g


Baking powder    VG, GF    0.69/100g ***WHILST STOCKS LAST***

Bicarbonate of soda    VG, GF    0.49/100g

Buckwheat flour    V, GF    0.38/100g ***WHILST STOCKS LAST***

Raw Cacao Powder    O, VG, GF    2.99/100g

Coconut Palm Sugar    O, V    0.99/100g

Desiccated coconut    O, V    0.99/100g

Ground Almonds    V, N    1.29/100g ***NEW***

Spelt flour    V    0.38/100g ***WHILST STOCKS LAST***


Two Farmer salted crisps    VG, GF    0.99/bag

Two Farmer salt and vinegar crisps    VG, GF    0.99/bag


All purpose sanitiser (Bio D)    VG    0.44/100g ***REDUCED***

Fabric conditioner (Bio D)    VG    0.31/100g ***REDUCED***

Faith in Nature Conditioner    VG    1.24/100g ***REDUCED***

Faith in Nature Shampoo    VG    1.39/100g ***REDUCED***

Faith in Nature Shower Gel    VG    1.26/100g ***REDUCED***

Floor cleaner (Bio D)    VG    0.57/100g ***REDUCED***

Hand wash (Bio D)    VG    0.64/100g ***REDUCED***

Laundry liquid (Bio D)    VG    0.55/100g ***REDUCED***

Toilet cleaner (Eco Leaf)    VG    0.33/100g ***REDUCED***

Washing up liquid (Bio D) VG 0.32/100g ***REDUCED***


Adult toothbrushes    3.99 each

Bamboo toothbrush holder    3.99 each

Childrens toothbrushes    3.99 each

Cotton buds    O, V    2.49 each

Konjac sponge    6.49 each

Lipbalm    5.99 each

Mooncups - size A (larger)    21.99 each

Mooncups - size B (smaller)    21.99 each

Naked Necessities Razor kit (inc. razor, 5 blades and shaving soap)   27.50 each

Naked Necessities Replacement razor blades (5 pack)    3.50 each

Naked Necessities Shaving soap    4.50 each

Shade sunscreen SPF25 (large)    O    9.99 each

Shade sunscreen SPF25 (small)    O    3.75 each

Soap dish (hemu wood)    2.99 each

Soap pouch    4.99 each

Your nature deodorant    7.99 each


Aluminium Foil    2.99 each

Bamboo dish cloth    1.50 each

Beeswax wraps    O    22.99 each

Bobble insulated water bottle    21.99 each

Glass jar 750ml    2.99 each

Hip coffee cup (12oz)    8.99 each

Kitchen towels    1.99 each

Metal straw (rose gold)    1.50 each

Metal straw (sliver)    99p each

Metal straw cleaner    40p each

Parchment baking sheets    3.56 each

Produce bags (mesh) small    O    2.99 each ***NEW***

Produce bags (mesh) medium    O    3.49 each

Produce bags (weave) medium    O    3.49 each

Recyclable kraft tape    1.99 each

Sandwich wraps    9.99 each

Stojo coffee cup (12oz)    9.99 each

Toockies (Jute scrub cloths)    O    9.99 each

Yuhme water bottle 25.99 each

(Each Yuhme water bottle sold = 6 months of clean water for someone in Central African republic)


O    ~   Organic

V    ~   Vegetarian

VG  ~  Vegan

GF   ~  Gluten Free 

N    ~   Nuts

P   ~   Peanuts